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Summer Fun With Seedling!

Summer is finally here! Whether you are hitting the road with the kids or taking flight, travelling with the littles in tow can be a challenge. While we may not be able to provide you with more space on the plane or lower gas prices, we can arm you with the tools needed to provide hours of uninterrupted fun for the children.

Seedling, purveyors of award-winning craft kits and innovative child products, offers the perfect all-in-one projects for endless entertainment.

Great adventures start in your own backyard. Brush off your explorer hat and embark on a wonder-filled journey. This handy outdoor explorer kit comes with the essentials to explore nature and includes a real compass and mirror, messenger bag, and a journal to jot down your observations.

Show off your flair for design as you cut, paint, and put together your own unique tote bag. This easy DIY kit comes with fabrics in different patterns, striped ribbon, and glitter to create a one-of-a-kind look that expresses the real you.

Shoo away boredom as you learn to knit, jump rope, or play a round of pick-up sticks, and draw inspired designs on your sketch pad. It's perfect for taking with you wherever you go. You'll find endless fun in this handpicked bundle of many awesome things.

Under the Sea Puppet Playtime Kit sets the stage for children to create their own sea stories starring felt finger puppets. Felt sea animal puppets are made just for little fingers. Printed cotton tote folds open to reveal ocean floor illustration where kids can imagine and act out their own under-the-sea stories. Fold up the tote and take on the go. This adorable kit sparks hours of imaginative play and is perfect for toddler gifts.

Designed for children ages 2-4, the Seedling Littles collection features soft, portable, play kits that empower toddlers with a fantastic range of experiences from becoming their own superhero to preparing sushi, or even exploring the galaxy in a customizable rocket-launching cape. Convenient, easy to clean, and self-contained, these portable kits give kids the freedom to play wherever they go—on a playdate, in the car, on a plane or to galaxies far, far away.

A Little More Magic for You!

Download the free Littles app for more exciting discoveries! Elements in your Seedling Littles kit will come to life with the magic of augmented reality. Hold your tablet or phone up to certain areas on the kit and drawings on the box to reveal the surprise! Plus, each kit has its own mini-game! Visit to learn more.

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