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Show your appreciation for your old man with unique gift sets from Thoughtfully Co.

You're one click away from the perfect Father's Day gift! Thoughtfully Co. has put together the perfect gift for the men in your life. They have dads, grandads, God Father's and anyone else that you'd like to get a gift for. In reality not only are these great Father's Day present but since we've kicked off summer, these make great pool party gifts, especially for Fourth of July! Check them out for yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. x


The next Day of the Dead is going to be a hot one. Our hot sauce gift sets celebrate living with some serious heat. Raise spirits with ceramic skulls of salt and pepper, four skull shot glasses and our signature spicy peanuts. And what would our hot sauce sets be without a glass skull filled with 25 ounces of scorching sauce? The dead might return for a burn this good.


WARNING: This hot sauce set will blow your cheeks off! Our seven-piece collection is the perfect way to sample some of the best hot sauces around, including whiskey habanero, garlic herb, and even ghost pepper.

ON SALE $79.99

New York is a trendy town. But one thing that is always in vogue there... the proper steakhouse. Our steak gift sets will satisfy any craving for less than a flight to JFK. The restaurant-quality lava stone cooks any cut like the chef would. And the carving knife and fork go through meat faster than money in Manhattan. Dripping bowls are included as well as two gourmet BBQ sauces inspired by the BBQ meccas of America. Yes, New Yorkers, there are other cities that matter. And other ways to enjoy a proper steak.

ON SALE $59.99 $69.99

Saints and sinners can agree... if you're going to do something, do it right. Take whiskey; there's a dignified way to imbibe. It's with slate coasters, whiskey stones lowball glasses and mixes to bring out the flavor of their preferred malt. Our whiskey lovers gift set is not about half measures. It even includes a deck of cards. Sin is inevitable; poor whiskey etiquette is not.


You know the type: carnivore to the core. No sense in gifting books or socks... if it's not related to meat, they won't know what to do with it. Give our BBQ sauce gifts to these single-minded types. Our Real Sweet BBQ sauce, 2 Classic Smoky sauces and two spice rubs will keep them focused. And our wrench-shaped bottle opener means they don't have to walk away from the grill. Our BBQ sauce sets are for guys always in their prime.


Ranchers know their cattle. And grillmasters know their beef. Now both can brand with pride. Our barbeque gift sets let your pit-boss master his domain. Our customizable branding iron and 5 grilling charms give his meat the mark of a pro. There's also a stainless steel basting pot, a silicone basting brush, 2 salacious sauces and 2 robust rubs. Time to fire it up.

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