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Tow™ Mater, Get It NOW!

Mater is the rustiest, trustiest tow truck in Radiator Springs, and now is a hybrid that includes all the features of Tow™ Truck!

Tow™ Mater

Today, I had the opportunity to attend the CARS 3 Press Junket and speak to Larry The Cable Guy ,who's the voice of Mater. Let him know that my son recently received the Tow Mater and it can tow me! The Max Tow Mater comes with a chain that we attached to my kiddos skateboard and I sat on the skateboard and Mater towed me! I can't share with you Larry The Cables Guys reaction until I write my review next week. However what I can tell you, go and get Max Tow Mater for a fantastic time with your kiddo and look out for my review, after you hear what he said you will be buying Max Tow Mater for all the little ones in your life.

Tow Mater, one of the most popular characters from the Disney / Pixar’s Cars franchise, and Tow™ Truck and have teamed up to as a new innovative vehicle, Tow™ Mater. Kids will watch in astonishment as Mater pushes and pulls up to 200lbs with ease! Tow™ Mater also includes over 50 phrases and sounds for an exciting interactive toy experience. Push one of the sound activation points to hear Mater speak, then shift him to get towin’!

Includes: Tow™ Mater Vehicle, Tow Hook & Chain. Requires 6-C batteries (not included)

Ages 6+, Approximate Retail Price: $59.99

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