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Have A Birthday Party at The LA Zoo, It's Zoo-tastic!

Maybe it’s just me but every year I have issues deciding on what to do for my kid’s birthday party. Each year we end up inviting the whole class, then booking a venue last minute, and in the end I'm exhausted because everything from the decorating, food, goodie bags, and planning was done by myself. And on top of it, I end up spending more than what I had budgeted for. This could have been avoided, I could have easily saved money, do something fun and relaxing for me and have a better overall birthday experience if I knew places like the Zoo held birthday parties! Did you know they hold kids birthday parties? Can I just emphasize that the Zoo does an amazing job at throwing birthday parties! Yes i repeated this a few times, because this is huge, it's Zoo-Tastic!!!!

A few weeks ago my daughter and I got to experience a birthday party at the LA Zoo and it was beyond my expectations. Birthday party started at 11:30, but we got there when the park opened at 10 am hoping to catch the animals waking but here is the super exciting part, tickets to the zoo come with a birthday party package. There were no crowds, most of the animals were awake and we were able to view the east end of the zoo before the party. Promptly at 11:30 (because we were starving by then!) we circled back to the Treetop Terrace for the birthday party. Upon walking in, we were greeted by a table of animal hats to choose from and 4 different buffets of food; a pizza, BBQ, sandwich and hamburger station with a variety of salads. The food was incredible, yes it was delicious and we went back for seconds. If you’re wondering if I really tried everything, yes! At first, I ate a little bit of each station so I can testify and confirm that statement is true, their food was YUMMY. As we sat enjoying our scrumptious food, we were greeted by a zoo handler who was carrying live animals. They would come up to your table and talk about the animal as you got to feed or touch the animal. I wasn’t a big fan of the snake, but the Sugar Slider was the cutest little animal! Next, my daughter and I got matching flower crowns, she had her face painted , we had our caricature drawn, and to wrap up the party we were given goodie bags and the rest of the day to spend at the zoo.

I would highly recommend this option for any child’s birthday party. Yes, this might cost a little more than your typical birthday party but come on now, their is no price higher than keeping your sanity and you don't have to clean up! The proceeds go to supporting the zoo, our children will have fun and they get to learn about all the different animals. An overall win!

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