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Outside The Box Cheeky Days

Looking for a way to talk to your kids about diversity and gratitude, but don't know where to start? Ever think, "my kid sure doesn’t need any more toys"? Want to raise kind kids who think of others? Love Pinterest, but don’t even know where to buy a glue gun? Barely have time for that trip to the grocery store? Tired of tripping over plastic toys and throwing away knick knacks?

OUTSIDE THE BOX is an alternative to the typical toy or gift or craft DIY. It’s the membership you can’t afford to miss! Each curated box comes with EVERYTHING you need to complete crafts and activities that inspire creativity (but don’t clutter your house), encourage quality time together, and meaningful conversations about the values that really matter and make us successful, But it’s not just a cute, craft box, it’s so much more! It inspires children to give back to their community through small, but impactful acts. AND through the joy of play teaches kids about kindness, sharing, gratitude, diversity and why they are unique and can make a difference!

We received the March 2017, Music Mania Box and it was EPIC! We laughed so hard putting or gem together. Our ginormous box included:

  • A featured book selected to encourage dreams, courage, kindness, and community related to our monthly theme- Also An Octopus

  • High quality wearable selected from a small business aimed at providing meaningful conversation and imaginative play while getting dressed or at the playground with other families- Music Crown by Reserved Only

  • Music CD to inspire all your jam sessions and let the music move you- You Are My Flower, by Elizabeth Mitchell

  • Two crafts and activities that reinforce the monthly theme and create a giving opportunity to benefit the monthly non-profit, community service or give-back company

  • Community Challenge Card with suggestions on ways to move Outside The Box and continue the conversation about the monthly theme

  • Spotlight on a non-profit- The Music Therapy Center of Houston

  • Little surprises to delight mom along the way- Essential Rose Life Tea

  • Community to share your impact and learn from friends

  • This box has a retail value of over $70+ filled with products from local artisans and other small businesses.

Designed for families with children ages 2-7, adult supervision during all crafts and activities. Do you have another child? Select the Sibling Addition Which Includes Extra Crafts and wearable: $16.99 per sibling. $1.99 Flat Rate Shipping on all boxes. (Free Shipping On 3 Month and 6 Month Pre-Pay Subscriptions)

Deets on Cheeky Kids! Choose your box, join the journey to live Outside The Box and choose your membership plan. Choose from a monthly subscription, a 3 month subscription, a 6 month subscription, a single box or choose to give a gift box. If you have more than 1 kiddo just add a sibling box.

Open and Create a world of fun! Open your Outside The Box and enjoy! Each box will come with a week-by-week guide for the month. From fun wearables and games, to crafts and activities, to reading time you’ll have fun, create memories and inspire imagination and learn through play.

Every month you’ll receive a fun family challenge card that will inspire you and your little one to live Outside The Box. It’s all about those small, but impactful daily actions we can take to show kindness, think of others, build resilience, gain awareness, focus on gratitude and the joy of giving. Enjoy!

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