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YouTube Red Originals Family Shows

YouTube recently invited us to view 4 of their upcoming original series and they were amazing. First off, shout out to YouTube for having an amazing space located in Play Vista. It's everything you'd imagine a hip and trendy company would be and more. From an engineless helicopter on the ground to a claw crane arcade game and everything in between. Their space fosters imagination and creativity, having fun while working is essential and YouTube has perfected it! YouTube is officially investing into children’s programming: The video giant has four series from top creators on the platform that will launch this spring and summer, available to subscribers of YouTube Red.

DanTDM Creates a Big Scene features DanTDM and his lively group of animated friends as they battle mayhem and misadventure to keep their brand new live show on the road. Each episode follows their behind-the-scenes exploits as they learn new skills, overcome challenges and find that putting on an epic show isn’t quite as easy as it looks. The program is a mix of live action and animation and co-stars Danielle Tabor as Eve, who also appeared as Angelina Johnson in the first three Harry Potter movies. Additionally, DanTDM’s two adorable pugs, who often make cameos on his YouTube channel, are also featured in the program as animated characters of themselves!

The Kings of Atlantis is an epic animated series that follows two young monarchs—Cody and Joe—in the vast underwater city of Atlantis as they seek to overthrow the brutal usurper of their kingdom, reclaim their birthright, and protect their people from his cruel reign. The series features YouTubers Cody and Joe of the immensely popular The Atlantic Craft MineCraft channel which boasts more than 4 million subscribers as the voices of the young monarchs.

Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force: Four Fruit Ninjas set up a juice stand as a front for the messiest secret service in the world. The new Fruit Ninja characters—Seb, Niya, Peng, and Ralph come together to fight the evil forces if Durien Grey and the Deep Fried Samurai. They will use their Juice Jitsu skills (and perhaps some help from their own Sensei) to prevail.

Hyperlinked: This series is inspired by a true story and stars music sensation L2M. It follows five girls as they come together to create their own website by girls for girls. They also must navigate everyday tween issues involving friends and relationships.

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