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Celebrate Easter with Seedling!

If you’ve walked through store aisles lately, you've seen many reminders that Easter is coming, April 16th. You’ll find baskets, chocolate eggs and bunnies filled with candies. It’s important that we have our bunnies and eggs become tools that parents use to bring a greater understanding of the message of Easter. With just a little creativity, all these symbols that often replace the real significance of Easter can be the very things that make the holiday full and rich with with spiritual meaning. We should fill our kiddos Easter Basket with items that enhance their creativity and keep their imagination running wild. I’m starting to fill my little ones basket and I came across Seedlings Easter items that will thrill him! If you’d prefer to skip the chocolate, like I have, load your baskets with these cute finds.

Build your own adorable bunny with soft, huggable materials in the My Little Pom Pom Bunny Kit. Their DIY craft kit has all the essentials pom poms, ribbon, yarn, and felt to make a lovable plush friend that you can snuggle up to. Cozy up indoors and play or hop away to exciting adventures with your floppy-eared pal.

Wear sparkle wherever you hop with Make Your Own Sparkle Bunny Ears. Kit includes Pre-made Bunny Ears, Assorted Felt, Rhinestones, Velour Ribbon, Glitter, Craft Glue and Instructions.

Keep pretty pennies safe and sound with a cute blue or pink Bunny Money Box.

Here's the start of our basket, I think we need a bigger basket!

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