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Our Morning at All-Star Chef Classic Little Masters Class.

All-Star Chef Classic is an exciting, intimate, and exclusive culinary celebration bringing together some of the world's most innovative and celebrated chefs for four days in March. Each event allows guests to get up close and personal with the chefs while eating food prepared by some of the greatest chefs in the world.

This outstanding constellation of chefs will come together to cook in the Chefs Tasting Arena™ and Restaurant Stadium™, a state-the-art venue with stadium seating, lights, cameras and LED screens, giving fans the perfect view of all the action taking place in the round. This state-of-the-art venue was the center of the action at the All-Star Chef Classic, it brought fans 'kitchen-side' in an intimate VIP setting, where they can be as close to the action as possible without being in the heat of the kitchen.

Little Masters was Presented By Le Creuset in Restaurant Stadium™which was transformed from kitchen to classroom twice on March 11th as 200 kids learned to cook alongside celebrity and award-winning pastry Chef Sherry Yard. I absolutely love Little Masters cooking class, it’s full of excitement and laughter, watching my child take the reigns and creating his masterpiece warms my heart. Here are a few things I’ve learned from Little Masters cooking class.

The environment is set for successful learning experience, you walk into an arena with a gigantic LED screen that will allow you to follow Chef Yard without missing a beat. All your ingredients are setup, there's no guessing and most importantly there is a recipe card in front of you if you get caught up talking to your neighbors. Chef Yard clearly sets the tone and lays a strong foundation for her Little Masters in training, she believes in them and their capability of being a Little Master!

Since Chef Yard is in the middle of the stadium it’s physically impossible for her to touch all 200 children. In every section they have Chef mentors on hand, this is brilliant! The Chef mentors approach each child to see if they need help, give words of encouragement and be a cheerleader for our little ones. They develop a rapport with each child, make an effort to show that they care about the success of our Little Master. Our Chef mentor was proactive, he was positive at all times and available if we had a question. Part of being a great mentor is the ability to make connections with the kids, genuine interest is displayed when the mentor Chef is working side by side with our Little Master. This encourages excitement, growth, and participation.

Everything and anything is possible in a setting such as Little Masters. Most people are held back not by their innate ability, but by their mindset. It is important that our children know that they can do anything that they set their minds to. Hence Little Masters setting is a prime example of positive reinforcement, the children are in control of what they are learning. Chef Yard and her team of Chef Mentors help build the kids self-confidence by having fun, laughter, and wiring the kids brains in a positive way. Letting a child know that they are held with respect, confidence and most importantly that we believe that they are capable of doing whatever task is set before them.

Little Masters is so much more than a couple hours of fun and cooking, it’s about bonding and growth. Mark your calendars now for March 2018, I have!

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