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Num Noms at La Cookie Con.

So if you haven't been to LA Cookie Con, don't worry San Diego Cookie Con is around the corner! Cookie Con was super exciting for the Num Noms as the prize wheel at there booth was constantly spinning. Num Noms gave away over 8,300 in prizes! Num Noms crowns were on display by over 3,000 kids and adults! I had never heard of Num Noms until Cookie Con and now I'm addicted. They are colorful, smell delicious and fun to play with. My son and I have been having a blast with the Ice Cream truck, granted we haven't made lip glosses, yes, the Ice cream truck allows you to make home made lip glosses. We've been using it in conjunction with his cars and I have to add, the truck is durable, it's been thru a number of crashes.

Nums Noms are super-cute, scented food-themed characters that girls can mix, match and stack with tons of characters to display, trade and collect. To create scented flavor fusions, mix and stack Nums and Noms for wacky combos that smell SO delicious! Series 3 introduces all new menu themes like Fruits and Veggies, Marshmallows, Donuts and more. Num Noms mystery packs are full of surprises - Available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

At Cookie Con you'll be able to see the best decorated cookies, cakes and dessert tables from Southern California’s finest amateur and professional sugar artists. Decorators and bakers will enjoy an unprecedented selection of shopping from retailers from all over the country. Whether you love to bake or just to eat, you’ll enjoy an abundant selection of sweet bites, beverages, spirits and delicious surprises from local and national brands. There’s something for everyone: traditional, vegan, gluten-free and more, plus FIVE stages and classrooms for Traditional Baking, Vegan/Gluten-Free/Paleo Baking, Cake Decorating, Cookie Decorating, and our Celebrity Guests! You will have an amazing experience and the tips and tricks you'll learn will blow your mind.

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