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Fight Back This Cold & Flu Season with Kids Gummy Cuties.

I've been in the market for kids vitamins, I've purchased many brands and returned them all because my finicky eater either didn't like the texture, color, or shape. Having come across Gummy Cuties has been amazing! Gummy Cuties was developed by an herbalist and mother who teamed up with her husband who is a candy manufacturer to create a ridiculously good tasting gummy vitamin line that won't be a battle to get your kids to take. Plus the cute character on each bottle makes the process more fun.

All Gummy Cutie products are gluten free, allergen free, dairy free, egg free, peanut free, soy free, GMO free and tree nut free.

The full line includes:

  • Gummy Cuties Probiotics - Helps kids fight bad bacteria with good bacteria

  • Echinacea + Vitamin C + Zinc - Helps to support a healthy immune system

  • Gummy Cuties Calcium - Helps build strong bones and teeth as well as aids in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves

  • Multi-Vitamin - Aids kid's everyday health by providing them with a broad spectrum of vitamins to help their growing bodies

  • Omega 3 DHA/EPA - Provides kids with the essential fatty acids they need to aid their metabolism, cardiovascular system and hormone production

Additionally, the Gummy Cutie has created great products to help adults stay healthy so they can take care of their kids!

  • Green Detox - It is the perfect way to cleanse your body without doing a drastic "juice cleanse" which only provides a temporary solution. This vitamin cleanses and rejuvenates as well as provides balance to your body

  • Krill Oil DX - More and more studies are showing the benefits of taking Krill Oil. It supports nerve and brain function, protects cell membranes, promotes healthy liver function, joint health, minimizes PMS and menopausal symptoms and supports anti-aging

  • Adult Gummies - For those who do not enjoy swallowing pills, there is a great tasting alternative for you too. This adult gummy line includes: Calcuim DX, Deep Sleep DX, Fiber DX and Omega 3 DX

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