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The Los Angeles Times Launches Citywide Food Festival Food Bowl will celebrate the diversity of Los

The Los Angeles Times today announced the launch of Food Bowl, an annual month-long festival celebrating the city’s dynamic and influential food scene, taking place throughout the month of May. Centered in Los Angeles, the festival will bring together the best in local dining experiences while promoting social awareness about food waste and hunger. L.A.’s largest culinary event to date, Food Bowl will include special programs with internationally renowned chefs during rare U.S. appearances, including Massimo Bottura, chef-owner of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, and founder of Food for Soul; Fergus Henderson, chef and founder of St. John in London; Rosio Sánchez, chef-owner of Hija de Sánchez in Copenhagen; and Magnus Nilsson, chef at Fäviken in Sweden, with more to be announced.

The Times Food staff – Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold, editor Amy Scattergood, deputy editor Jenn Harris and Test Kitchen director Noelle Carter – will curate and host signature events during the festival. Building on the success of The Taste and its many food and beverage events during the year, The Times will turn the focus onto the inventive kitchens, welcoming dining rooms and pop-up eateries that bring people together over good conversations and great meals.

The centerpiece of Food Bowl will be Night Market, a bustling outdoor dining experience, held at Grand Park. Inspired by the global street food scene, Night Market will include 50 restaurants and food trucks, drinks and live entertainment each evening May 10-14. Through individual programs with restaurants, chefs, bars, coffee shops, food trucks, hotels and markets, the Food Bowl schedule will include hundreds of events May 1-31, including over Memorial Day weekend.

Restaurants interested in participating in L.A. Times Food Bowl may register on the event website by March 7. Food Bowl will support food access, sustainability and waste reduction through direct donations, raising awareness and third-party initiatives. The schedule of events and charity partners will be announced on Saturday, April 1. To stay up to date on L.A. Times Food Bowl, and connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#LAfoodbowl)

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