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Will Yoobi My Valentine - DIY Valentine's Day Cards.

This Valentine’s Day let Yoobi help you express your love for your friends, family, students or loved ones with these cute printable templates. All you have to do is print the templates, cut them out and add a touch of Yoobi by incorporating either a pencil, mustache paper clip or ruler and you’re done. Valentine’s Day couldn’t be easier this year!

I’m envious of the Pinterist moms of the world. Not to mention the the bakers, knitters and the scrap-book makers. For those moms Valentine’s Day is easy. All they have to do is spend 24 hours working on their projects and ta-da it's done! I'm more of the no fuss mom, make it simple, fun and have kiddo involved. Yoobi makes this possible, with their unique printable cards and add on's. These cards are unique and festive. We had so much fun making our Valentine's Day cards for P little friends, thank you Yoobi for bringing the family together on our Valentines Day projects.

For every Yoobi item purchased, Yoobi contributes a Yoobi item to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S.! This is all part of the signature Yoobi message: “One for you. One for me.” Yoobi is proud to have impacted over 2 million students in just over two short years!

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