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Superbowl Entertaining Must Haves!

Whether you’re are die hard fan of the game rooting for your favorite team, or just there for some good food, drinks and hilarious halftime commercials, super bowl parties are always a deliciously good time when equipped with the proper entertaining essentials. For some, super bowl is the perfect time to indulge guilt free in all your favorite eats, while others are able to fight the temptation and stick to their healthy regimen. Regardless of what side your appetite falls on, the key to a winning super bowl party is to have a variety of food and drink options for everyone.

For starters, you can’t have a super bowl party without beer. Whether in a Keg or a Can your guests will enjoy the crisp taste of bud light. For your guests who prefer something a little bit more tropical, Bud light has extended their line to include the Lime- a- Ritas which are the perfect mix of sweet and sour for any entertaining occasion.

Though beer is the king of super bowl parties, wine has been making quite the headway in recent years. Interscope’s new wine Electric Sky takes all the hassle out of entertaining, with four single-serve portions, each individually sealed and delivered in shatter-proof, recyclable plastic. No need for wine glasses, cork screws, simply pop open the lid and drink away.

While the sight of queso dip and Doritos will make almost anyone’s mouth water, for those with a bit more restraint IPS chips and popcorn provides the perfect healthy snacking option packed with a whopping 5- 6 grams of protein per serving.

Though you may be completely bummed the football season is now over, grab some friends and celebrate one last time over drinks and good food. Even if your guests aren’t into the game, they’ll be sure to have a great time.

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