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Splash and Bubbles On PBS

PBS SoCal KOCE and The Jim Henson Company celebrated PBS KIDS’

newest series Splash and Bubbles at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach

on Sunday, January 22 from 11am – 3pm. This public event featured Splash

and Bubbles-themed experiences and activities, and live appearances by show

creator and “Splash” performer John Tartaglia (ImaginOcean, Johnny and the

Sprites), and Laura Sams and Robert Sams of Sisbro Studios, the creative duo

behind the popular “Get Your Feet Wet” segments that are featured in the series.

Guests enjoyed photo opportunities with title character Splash, screen an

episode, and watch a demonstration of the Emmy Award-winning Henson Digital

Puppetry Studio, the ground-breaking technology that brings the show to life.

The new ocean-themed animated kids’ series encourages children to explore the natural undersea world and features endearing and humorous characters on fun-filled adventures. During the event, guests were encouraged to see the aquarium’s exhibits of the real-life species that inspire the characters and stories from the show.

Also at the event, guests participated in hands-on investigations to learn about the ocean and why it is an important part of our world. Upon completing these activities, kids can take the Reeftown Rangers pledge to do their part to protect and preserve this vital resource. Ocean Friends Forever!

Event activities included:

~ Live appearance by “Splash” performer/show creator John Tartaglia

~ “Get Your Feet Wet” presentation by Laura Sams and Robert Sams

~ Splash – photo opportunity

~ Demonstration of the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio

~ Multiple Explore the Ocean hands-on activities

~ A chance to join the Reeftown Rangers!

SPLASH AND BUBBLES is a production of The Jim Henson Company and Herschend Studios. The series is executive produced by Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford of The Jim Henson Company, Julie Phillips and Merrill Puckett-Miller of Herschend Enterprises, as well as John Tartaglia, Michael Shawn Lewis and Jill Shinderman. The series is funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Premise ~ Splash and Bubbles follows a yellowback fusilier, Splash, who settles in Reeftown after looking all over the ocean. He then befriends Bubbles, a mandarin dragonet, and the duo, along with friends Dunk and Ripple, explore the reef to venture and make new friends. Each episode also includes a documentary segment, Get Your Feet Wet, which features kids asking questions that are occasionally followed up by a musical number.

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