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Peanut Butter Lovers Rejoice! Pic’s Peanut Butter New Zealand’s #1 Now Available in U.S.

Pic’s Peanut Butter New Zealands #1 selling peanut butter brand, announces its launch in the United States. Pic’s, based in sunny New Zealand, imports the finest quality Hi-Oleic peanuts from Kingaroy,

Australia, roasts, grinds and seals them within minutes, ensuring a signature fresh roasted taste.

The high quality of the product is due to the use of freshly roasted peanuts, the fresher staying

power of the Hi-Oleic nut and the expert crafting during production. The healthy, full-flavored

peanut butter is all natural, gluten and sugar-free and made just how peanut butter should be - with

no additives and just a touch of Kiwi salt in the salted varieties. Pic’s award-winning peanut butter

is higher in the good monounsaturated oils and high in antioxidants, dietary fiber and good quality

protein. Before using, just give it a quick stir and enjoy Pic’s straight from the jar by the spoonful

with your favorite jelly or with dates in front of the telly (Pic’s favorite)! “All it takes is one taste to know that you have found the best peanut butter there is,” said Pic Picot, Founder of Pic’s Peanut Butter. “I started Pic’s nine years ago at our local weekend market and demand took off solely through word of mouth. Americans love their peanut butter and once they get a taste, they’ll understand why Pic’s is the top choice Down Under.”

A premium staple in Kiwi kitchens, Pic’s has fans all over the globe and is used and recommended

by New Zealand’s top chefs. “Quite simply the best peanut butter we have ever tasted” said Cuisine,

New Zealand’s leading food magazine. Pic’s was also hailed a winner in a recent taste test by food

writers at The New Zealand Herald. Pic’s peanuts are pre-roasted which give them “the best taste

and texture, by far” a quote according to journalist Catherine Gaffaney. “The roasted buttery flavor had an ‘earthy’ taste,” said taster Gabrielle Feather, giving the peanut butter a five out of five score. Pic’s even has devotees among the celebrity crowd. Guitarist Billy Gibbons of the American rock band ZZ Top, tried Pic’s peanut butter during a trip to New Zealand and got hooked. Pic’s remains tight

lipped on other famous faces from around the world but will go as far to say leading Kiwi athletes

and talented movie folk are amongst them.

Pic’s Peanut Butter, New Zealand’s #1 Peanut Butter Now Available in U.S. Pic (AKA “Bruce”) Picot started producing his own peanut butter brand in 2007 by roasting and crushing imported peanuts, and by leaving out the sugar and emulsifiers that are added to some competing peanut butters. Since boyhood lunches of peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches in Auckland, peanut butter has certainly been a passion for Pic. He ran a sailing school in Nelson before coming ashore to experiment making his own product in the home kitchen. Pic’s passion includes offering taste tests to passers-by wherever he can. For this activity he regularly takes to the road in his distinctive Airstream fitted out as “The Big Toaster” for the “Peanut Butter on Toast” tour. Kids love it! To further their efforts as a responsible manufacturer, Pic’s jar and lid are designed to encourage reuse rather than just recycling. They even have the Really Good Jar Exchange on their Facebook page.

Pic’s is also available online at and at Pic’s is also available in-store at:, Bristol Farms stores, select Southern California locations of Pavilions and Von’s Supermarkets, Gelson’s Supermarkets, Vicente Foods, Los Olivos Grocery and Frazier Market stores in Southern California..

Founded in 2007 by Pic Picot, New Zealand-based Pic’s Peanut Butter is New Zealand’s #1 selling

peanut butter and is peanut butter worth eating. Made from the finest quality Hi-Oleic peanuts from Australia that are fresh roasted and lovingly squashed in Nelson, Pic’s then quick seals its peanut butter to preserve freshness and flavour. Pic’s is all-natural, is gluten and sugar free and has no additives – simply peanuts and a trace of Kiwi salt, the unsalted version containing 100% peanuts. Pic’s Peanut Butter is NON GMO Verified . Four varieties are offered - Original (Crunchy), Original (Crunchy, no salt), Smooth and Smooth (no salt). Suggested retail is $8.00 (380g, 13.4 oz.jar). A 1Kg, 35.27 oz. sized jar is also available in Original Crunchy at a recommended retail of $19.99. For more information on Pic’s Peanut Butter visit

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