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'Thoughtfully' Introduces An Unforgettable Gifting Experience, Just In Time For The Holidays

I had the honor of being invited to Thoughfully Co. Christmas dinner at Cecconi's West Hollywood this past week. Prior to my invitation I had promoted Thoughtfully Co. because I liked their concept, after meeting Boaz Shonfeld and his team, hearing him speak, it's now a love affair. I LOVE Thoughtfully Co., what they represent and how each gift is customized to promote conscious giving.

Headquartered in Orange County CA, Thoughtfully launches the ultimate online destination for unique gifting. With the belief that a gift should last long after the wrappings have been torn away, Thoughtfully’s retro yet modern feel, holds true to the traditional values of gifting, while providing its online consumer with a shopping experience that is quick, on trend, affordable and convenient.

Founded by Boaz Shonfeld of Modern Gourmet Foods, Shonfeld’s wealth of knowledge and experience spans over 20 years and has contributed to successful partnerships with brands such as Starbucks, Corona, Godiva and many others. With a unique understanding of gifting, Shonfeld has redesigned the process of gift giving, placing more focus on the stories behind the gifts and the memorable experience of receiving them.

Inspired by his passion for food and a love for travel and culture, Shonfeld journeyed around the world collecting mementos and creating memories. By the end of his journey, Shonfeld had curated a unique collection of souvenirs and memorabilia, each with a distinct story, all of which he soon realized made for a thoughtful gift. Thoughtfully is composed of individuals with a shared passion and appreciation for capturing special moments and creating a personalized and authentic gifting experience. The thought put into every gift is a direct reflection of the family dynamic within Thoughtfully’s small, but mighty team.

Each gift box is created with unique inspiration and arrives with an accompanying story for its recipient to enjoy, making it the perfect gifting option for the astounding 73% of shoppers who are seeking alternative ways to shop and opting for items that offer a more personal touch. With categories ranging from Him, Her, Holiday, Food & Bar, Birthday, Celebrate, Housewarming & Thank You, Thoughtfully takes the guesswork out of selecting gifts for loved ones. Trendy gifting items include "The Good Hurt Fuego” hot sauce collection set, and the “Saints and Sinner” whiskey set. Thoughtfully appeals to varying tastes, personalities, hobbies and interests offering practical and reusable items that can be leveraged all year long. Whether a gift with tastes of far off destinations or one that simply sparks memories of a special moment, each gift set creates a nostalgic and emotional experience which becomes a timeless keepsake.

Thoughtfully’s user friendly website, side bar and filter options (i.e theme, occasion, gift type), allows shoppers to easily browse through with convenience and immediacy, eliminating the inconvenience of in-store shopping and DIY gift wrapping. Forget brown postage boxes and plastic bags, each gift arrives beautifully packaged in a perfectly designed gift box ready to be opened and enjoyed. Unlike the traditional gift basket, Thoughtfully’s handcrafted gift sets embody the essence of gift giving, uniting the gifter and giftee through a story. Thoughtfully invites shoppers to partake in an authentic and personal gifting experience, one that emphasizes the amount of love put into a gift, and focuses less on the size of the gift. A gift that creates a lasting memory and says in no uncertain terms “You truly matter.”

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