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The Spa On Rodeo Product Line Created by Dr. Bobby Pourziaee

The Spa on Rodeo located on Rodeo in the most coveted building, the Rodeo Collection. Rodeo Collection is a hidden gem and houses only the best of the best. Stepping into the The Spa on Rodeo feels like you've entered an enchanted garden of peace and tranquility. The moment you open the doors, the atmosphere and aroma places you at ease. This is where you'll start your journey of wellness and deep relaxation.

One of the treatments that caught my eye was their signature Cupping, the use of cups allows for stretching and opening of muscle tissue. This lifting creates space to drain toxins from the cells and remove waste through the lymphatic system. It is effective against depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic joint conditions. Cupping is also available for the face, cellulite, belly and feet. What caught my attention was cupping of the face, as you’ll see Wendy describes why facial cupping is important and how it works. With all the procedures that are at your disposal, Dr. Pourziaee offers his own expertise in tandem with alternative therapies and treatments provided by his professional staff.

I highly recommend making a pre-holiday appointment for a little R&R before the crazy ensues. Even if it’s for a mani/pedi you’ll be pampered, which we all need.

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