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StyleCon OC 2016

StyleCon had assembled a group of Leading Models, Style Influencers and Style Experts. For StyleCon 2016. I had the chance to talk with the Style Influencers and to share ideas about Beauty and Fashion and discover up and coming designers.

I’m going to be upfront here, the only reason I attended StyleCon was listen to Heidi speak. Heidi Nazarudin was a former investment banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed tech company, Heidi is not only an icon and a fashionista but she’s perfected making a business out of being smart, strategic and stylish and helping other women and brands as well. In a world of ordinary there are only a few that are extraordinary and Heidi is just one of those ladies that stands out. As an influencer Heidi understands that everyone is valuable and deserving of a chance to succeed, she is the the epitome of what every successful woman should aspire to be, unwavering and solid.

StyleCon is a bridge to the latest in beauty and fashion for stylish young women in southern California. Beauty and Fashion Lovers finally have their own “Con" -- and it's designed to be fabulous. The centerpiece of this interactive expo was Topshop Pop-Up boutique, boasting the latest in fall fashion, denim distressing, nails and makeup by Glam Squad. Top stylists and makeup artists were on hand at the 4000 sq ft. Sleekhair Beauty Bar with complimentary lashes, makeup, dry hair styling and beauty advice. It Girl Cambrie Schroder sponsored by Adidas was on stage performing with her dance ensemble. Blushington offered "blush-ups" throughout the event and Blowtini was styling everyone's pretty hair. The NFL created a huge interactive digital space, so we were able to see ourselves in another imaginative world.

I’m going to share with you a few upcoming designers that I discovered and fell in love with.

~Tudaloo Totes, stylish fun bags that will carry you through your work day to evening super stylish. How Tudaloo Totes was born because of Jodis desire to create items that are beautiful, fashionable and unique. Jodi has always loved designing and the creative process. Jodis mother is her major influence. Her mom has a stunning presentations, from wrapping gifts to hosting events, and Jodi grew up admiring her creativity. The name Tudaloo was inspired by her Mom, my “Grandma Rose,” whom Jodi was very close to. When Jodi was younger she would listen to her and her sisters talking on the phone every day. They always ended every conversation with a warm "Toodleloo" which was their way of saying goodbye. Jodi loved that expression and it stayed with her throughout the years. In honor of Grandma Rose, the very first tote Jodi designed featured red rose fabric with a rhinestone rose brooch. This design remains her most popular tote, TUDALOO!

~ Ivivision sunglasses! Hello BAD MOMS everywhere. IVI sunglasses were in the movie. If those stylish moms can wear them, so can we! IVI uses Carl Zeiss lenses exclusively. The lenses are optically perfect and used in NASA spacecraft, doctors microscopes and they've won three Academy Awards for movie camera lens technology. IVI uses all Italian materials and craftsmanship. No other brand of this quality is at their price point of $160-220. Check out their stylish sunglasses, you won't be able to stop with just one pair.

~ Heros Beauty, They give a percentage of every sale back to our “Heroes.” Heros Beauty supports both national and local charities who help or inspire others. Whether it is our homeless female veterans, abused women, or foster teens, they are on a mission to help others one product at a time!A beauty that line that makes everyone beautiful.

~ Luxury Scent Box, will connect you with a certified fragrance specialist matching you with the perfect scent. You’ll take a short survey to receive fragrance recommendations personally selected for you. Choose your fragrance monthly by adding new scents to your calendar and receive a luxurious travel size spray with your choice of fragrance as a part of your monthly consultation.

Thank you StyleCon for putting on such an amazing show and keep your eye out on the vendors above, they will be a hit!

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