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Meet Dr. Lehfeldt!

Dr. Lehfeldt has the skills of a surgeon and hands of an artist, I was so impressed by his medical practice. Dr. Lehfeldt has a unique perspective, he can visualize how a procedure will enhance a person's appearance. His years of experience, training as a surgeon have given him the upper hand. Dr Lehfeldt medical spa is equipped with state of the art equipment, so if you’re in the market for a surgical procedure this is where you want to be. His consultations start of with a 3D imaging of the area of enhancement, this will allow you to see the end result. For instance if you're looking to enhance your breast the 3D imaging of your own body will allow on screen to “try on” different size implants, see it from different angles and then you're able to select what’s best for you.

Now if you’re in the market for non-surgically procedures Dr. Lehfeldt is the “Injection Whisperer”. A little tid bit about Dr. Lehfeldt, “Dr. Lehfeldt works with Allergan Academy as a researcher, as part of their physician education team, and he facilitates product development. Many of his surgical procedures have been filmed and produced for physician education purposes”. What I appreciate about this piece of knowledge, if Allergan a major pharmaceutical company takes their time and effort to train a doctor, offer everything they need that's at their disposal, then you know Dr. Lehfeldt is an amazing doctor. A major corporation would never give the stamp of approval just to anyone, they need to protect their reputation and as well make sure the doctor on hand is exceptional. Allergan, I concur, it’s truly an honor to have met Dr. Lehfeldt, his years of practice, wealth of knowledge and watching him in action was truly remarkable.

I visited Dr. Lehfeldt for an overdue botox injection, as a mom I’m always squinting, and my 11 (eleven) line between my eyebrows were turning into a 405 freeway. No pain, no, fuss, I was in and out in a blink of an eye. His staff was warm, welcoming and it didn’t feel like an office, I felt like I was at the spa. Dr. Lehfeldt and his staff are truly committed in educating and providing patients with the highest quality and ethical care. They advocate looking natural, improving your appearance so you look fresh and rested. What I appreciated about Dr. Lehfeldt when speaking to him and his staff, the consensus was any person having any type of procedure shouldn’t look like they’ve been worked on, it should be natural by accentuating their beauty. If you're in the market for a refresher before the holidays or a little tuck, here's a list of all the services provided by Dr. Lehfeldt.

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