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Advanced Skincare Surgery & MediCenter

Welcome Advanced Skincare Surgery & MediCenter to their newest location Brentwood, Ca!

Advanced Skincare Surgery & MediCenter mission is to provide access to excellence in the management and treatment of skin health. As the industry leader in clinical dermatology and skin care treatments, they are commited to quality and safety with the goal of making you look and feel your best. Located in the shopping center were Baltaire is located, the office is conspicuously located in the corner for mega stars to casually walk in and not be noticed. The office is designed beautifully to provide their patients with the best cosmetic experience of our lives.

Advanced Skincare Surgery & MediCenter staff is a team of highly trained professionals, including licensed clinical Aestheticians, who are dedicated to providing you with the very best skin care, delivered in a friendly, professional and ethical atmosphere. Advanced Skincare Surgery & MediCenter provided me with the individual care and attention that I deserved. They made every effort to answer all of my questions and deliver the highest quality dermatologic care. I was so impressed by everyone and most of all Jeanine, who is the Botox whisperer. She left NO bruising and made it painless. She was literally in and out without a flinch.

The practice specializes in Plastic Surgery and the focus is on multiple procedure makeovers. The full list of cosmetic procedures performed can be found here. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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