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Caro Bambino

Have you ever wondered what an Italian Childrens store might look like? Italian Children stores are white, clean, welcoming, the feeling you get when walking in is exclusivity and knowing you will find unique pieces to complete your nursery. This is what you will find at Caro Bamino located on the hustle and bustle of main street, however the moment you walk in, there is a sense of tranquility about the store that you block out the world. You're no longer in Santa Monica but in a quaint store in Ponte Vecchio, searching out the perfect additions for your newest family member to arrive. I was in awe of the selection, the cribs were masterpieces, changing tables to match and everything you could ever want or could imagine was in this charming store.

We were invited to their 2nd Anniversary this past weekend and it was evident that the community not only loves and supports Caro Bambino but they are a family. Everyone knew one another, the kindness displayed was genuine and beautiful. A true staple in the community, what a refreshing site to see, a local brick and mortar accepted and cherished. My son and I dIscovered so many lovely items however by far the three items he received were my favorite. Circus by Janod, Memo N'Matching Game-Seasonal and Bird Toys by Plan Toys. I love wooden toys, not because of its durability but because its what toys should be made out of. It will last for generations and they're classics in my eyes. The Circus is adorable, they are wooden circus pieces, you'll find a tiger, elephants, strong man, ring of fire and so much more. Endless play, helps the imagination run free and create a setting of fun and excitement for your little one. Memo N'Matching Game-Seasonal will guide your little one in learning our four seasons and what staple pieces are associate with each seasons. Bird Toys helps with building, balance and provides a source of stimulation. You may find these toys at Caro Bambino and much more than you could ever imagine.

I highly recommend you acquire a Caro Bambino Registry, they will ship items to your desired destination, no need to worry about picking up your items if you can't make it in the store. At Caro Bambino they are about service and wanting to make your registry experience 100% satisfactory. They are here to assist you every step of the way in finding everything from the finest baby clothing to all the top brands of baby gear and furniture that you need to furnish your nursery and care for your little one.

To help you find ideas for your registry, they have prepared a checklist and their “favorites list” of cribs, gliders, strollers, car seats, highchairs, bottles and more. Once you register with them, you will receive your own personal registry link that you can share with friends and family so everyone can get as excited as you are for you new arrival!

Have any questions? Call them at 310.399.7971, stop by at 2710 MAIN STREET | SANTA MONICA, CA | 90405 or email You may find Caro Bambino on Facebook, Instagram, #carobambinosm and #morethanababystore.

Caro Bambino is running a contest! Register by clicking on the crib to be entered for their contest. You'll be participating for great free gifts courtesy of their brands, they will be giving away some amazing prizes, good luck. xo

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