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Mixed Heritage Day At Dodgers Stadium!

As I sat in traffic on the 101, with my daughter in the back sighing from boredom and me trying to weave through the intersections, all I could think was “What did I get myself into?” But then we saw the arches welcoming us to the Dodgers stadium. From that moment we both perked up and as we drove through the gates, we were rejuvenated with excitement.

This was our first Dodger game! Ok, parking was easy, YAY! We did general admission but seriously, I couldn’t see much of a difference between the closer parking and where I parked. Finally we arrived at the ticket counter and things were going super smooth! We were able to squeeze in quite quickly. Our first plan, as it is with me wherever I seem to go, was to get food. We got one dodger dog, one cotton candy, and one sprite and we were set. Regrettably we didn’t get the nachos, which were a mount of smothered chips with jalapenos and other goodies, which came in a huge helmet shaped bowl. Undeniably the best looking food choice, but knowing my daughter wouldn’t eat more than two bites, I couldn’t justify eating the whole thing by myself. However, I’ll be back if just for that. Our cashier guy was extremely nice and said that because it was my daughter’s first dodger game, she needed to go to the family information booth. There she would receive an official certificate for being at her first dodger game. They made her feel so special; she is now a Dodger fan for life.

After grabbing our food, and special certificate, we were off to look for our seats. We found our seats fairly easily, which were also close to the snack stand, and the best part they were in the shade. Word of advice, BRING SUNSCREEN. About 80% of the seats were situated in the sun so someone could easily burn. Our seats were perfect not only the location but the occasion, we were there to support MASC. It was wonderful seeing a community come together, other families whom were there to support Mixed Heritage Association. In case you don’t know Mixed Heritage Association, take a minute to read about this fabulous group. Representation matters and the multiracial community is one of the fastest growing populations yet we are still underrepresented. Mixed Up Clothing, The MultiCulti Corner, DDHPR, and Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC) were so proud to announce the 1st annual Mixed Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium. What a day, not only was it Mixed Heritage Day at Dodgers Stadium but it was Los Angeles 235th birthday! Being at a baseball game which is an all time favorite American sport, the city of Los Angeles that is the mecca of diversity was celebrating its birthday and celebrating MASC 1st annual mixer, this was the hitting the trifecta!

Everyone around us was cheering for the Dodgers, baseball fans and the passion they represent for their team is die hard! Even though I couldn’t explain the game too well since I don’t know baseball terminology, I had a great time with my daughter. The guy next to us was even chosen to play a game on the screen, so if you were looking for us we were in the background. To top it all off the Dodgers ended up beating the Cubs, GO DODGERS! Thank you MASC for a fabulous afternoon of fun in the sun sprinkled with diversity. My daughter couldn’t stop talking about the next time we go to a Dodgers game, who’s coming with us next week?

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