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BizBash LA

Before I tell you about the official BizBash Live with their official press release, BizBash was held this year at California Market Center and it was absolutely wonderful. If you're in the customer relations industry you must attend this informative event that will help shape your thinking pattern. Listening to the speakers and what they’ve accomplished is wild, it makes you feel like you can achieve the impossible, dream big and go for it. One of the may thought process I walked away with was that I can do anything, be calm, breath, think outside of the box (past my comfort zone) and whatever I envision can be done, I have the power to manifest everything.
With so many exceptional speakers, one that truly moved me was Jeremy Bernard, FORMER SOCIAL SECRETARY, THE WHITE HOUSE. Being in the same room with Jeremy Bernard, I was one degree away from THE POTUS. This thought was not only jarring but it shifted my very core. Here is a man that worked for our President, his stories were riveting, his experience at the White House were exceptional, working closely with the President and FLOTUS is the ultimate honour. Jeremy Bernard is a prime example that if we work hard, put our time and effort into anything that drives our passion we will become successful. We have to believe in ourselves, we are capable of moving mountains if we put our minds to it. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do anything or your value is worthless, you are NOT worthless and most importantly what you bring to the table is YOU. Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer, BizBash speakers running theme, in order for others to value you, you need to appreciate who you are. People come to you for a reason, because you offer something they need and don't forget that.

"BizBash Live: The Expo returned to Los Angeles at the California Market Center, delivering a day packed with inspiration, innovation, and collaboration. With hundreds of elite event professionals under one roof, there were AHA moments discovered around every corner-with attendees leaving inspired by the various presentations, including the Event Innovation Forum with leading event thought leaders, at the Workshop Series with hands-on education, and on the Exhibit Floor filled with thousands of new ideas to improve events

The Morning Workshops were back at BizBash Live: The Expo with a new format, allowing attendees the choice of 2 sessions. Designed to provide you with the highest quality educational content, these intensive workshops will stimulate your creativity, prepare you to tackle new challenges, and give you the necessary skills to take your events—and career—to the next level. Choose the topics that best fit your learning needs, from brainstorming and social media, to budgeting and sponsorship in these 50-minute hands-on sessions.

Designing for Digital


How do you create events and experiential environments that inspire and delight guests to share with their social networks? Does the digital footprint created from your events increase your clients’ follower count? Join Cara Kleinhaut, founder and C.E.O. of Caravents Inc., an award-winning, bi-coastal experiential and digital agency, as she goes behind the scenes and shares how her team crafts experiences that encourage organic social sharing. Examine case studies from major brands, including L'Oreal and Target, and find new ways to ignite your digital community and benefit the client and your brand.

Five Ways to Improve Your Career, Event Performance, and Personal Brand


In this highly competitive industry, it’s crucial to stand out from the competition, both as a brand in the event space and in your career. But how do you make your mark and get recognition from your peers, C-level execs, and the industry? Join Edward Perotti, senior director of global meetings, events, and travel at VMware, as he shares five important ways to advance your career. Learn simple and actionable tips such as building trust with the C-Suite and taking ownership of your role to make the most out of your position in any event field.

Tapping into Your Creativity: Rethinking the Brainstorming Process


Brainstorming is one of the most powerful tools in an event organizer’s arsenal, serving as a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and broadening perspectives. Audrea Hooper, head of fungineering at Zappos, and her team have mastered innovative techniques to keep ideas fresh and the creative juices flowing to improve company events. In this interactive workshop, Hooper will share hands-on methods for more effective ideation and collaboration. This not-to-miss session will feature games that promote out-of-the-box thinking and event brainstorming activities that will inspire and motivate event departments to tackle the challenges of live experiences with a new point of view.

Think Like a Sponsor to Land a Sponsor


Sponsorships are more than just a logo on a step-and-repeat; they have evolved into fully integrated activations and experiences at live events. The ability to understand the real reasons why companies choose to sponsor events can make all the difference in keeping sponsors happy and ensuring they return year after year. In this workshop, Josh Murray, who has worked on some of the nation’s top events, including Dreamforce and Comic-Con, will share tips on how to find the right sponsor to maximize revenue. Discover important strategies that every event organizer should know to increase sponsor participation, spending, and satisfaction, regardless of the type of event.

Returning for it’s 4th year in Los Angeles, the Event Innovation Forum is back with a new lineup of thought leaders and event innovators. Join in on the conversation, and learn from renowned speakers in a series of short, 15-minute TED-inspired talks, designed to help you think more strategically about your events. From event design and sponsorships, to social media and technology, explore the spectrum of important industry topics all within a single track.

The Evolution of Google's I/O Conference


Attendees who return to annual events expect a stream of new ideas and inspiration year after year, and planners have to deliver. But where do you begin? In this session, Amanda Matuk, executive producer of the hugely popular I/O developers conference at Google, will share how her team stays innovative, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how she reconfigured the Google I/O conference. Matuk will discuss how to instill change and continuously keep events fresh through changing attendees’ mindsets and dealing with obstacles along the way.

Designing Impactful and Effective Luxe Events


Effective event design does not arise from million-dollar budgets or infinite spending; it is based on refinement and tasteful restraint. In this session, one of the nation’s leading event producers, Yifat Oren, who has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, and more, will discuss her approach to luxe design and where she finds inspiration year after year. Discover the steps Oren takes to enable effective collaboration, observation, and creativity, as she gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of her most memorable events.

Event Planning Tales From Inside the White House


What’s it like organizing live experiences at the White House? How do you learn protocol for major international events? What happens when you have conflicting views or concepts with the President or First Lady? Is it possible to keep private events truly under wraps in this social media-obsessed world? Jeremy Bernard, who served as White House social secretary during the Obama administration, will reveal the answers to these questions and more in a special conversation with BizBash C.E.O. and founder David Adler. Listen as Bernard shares his biggest challenges, behind-the-scenes details from state dinners, and the best piece of advice he ever received".

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