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It's Time for Teletubbies!

Eh-Oh, The TELETUBBIES are back! This past weekend my family was invited to the launch of this iconic preschool series that I absolutely loved and still do. It was amazing coming full circle sharing these characters with my son, my inner child was jumping for joy. TELETUBBIES launch was held at The Vortex Dome in Downtown LA which featured an exclusive 360 degree digital screening experience, we were greeted and hugged by our favorite TELETUBBIE, petting zoo on hand, coloring activities, photo booth to capture our silliness, bubbles, balloons, face painting and much more in celebration of the the brand new Teletubbies TV series, weekdays on Nick. Jr. at 8:00am (ET/PT).

What a great way for us to introduce our children to Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po at a whimsical event such as this. Thank you to Nick. Jr for launching TELETUBBIES, making sure children of this generation won’t miss out on these beloved characters. The new TELETUBBIES series stays true to the classic series with the same beloved characters but with updated elements and visual enhancements. The characters now have touch screen tummies, which broadcast relatable live action short film shot from a childs perspective. Other new features include new techy gadgets like the tubby phone smartphone and twirling, whirling tubby custard ride, introducing a contemporary twist for the new generation of preschoolers. You can find TELETUBBIES on Nick Jr. channel starting May 30 at 8 am (ET/PT) daily.

Let me introduce to you our beloved TELETUBBIES characters.

Tinky Winky

Tinky Winky is purple, the biggest Teletubby and almost always goes first!

He is gentle, soft and a dreamer. He can be a little indecisive but is also very thoughtful.His signature move is putting his arms out to the side (for “T”) and then upwards, with bent elbows, for “W”. Tinky Winky’s favorite thing is his red bag, which he carries over his elbow.

Most of all, he loves big hugs!


Dipsy is green, fun, loves dancing and bouncing on his bottom!

He is funky and groovy, always doing dance moves with his arms.

His signature move is an excited wiggle dance and he sometimes ends this by plonking himself onto his bottom.

Dipsy’s favorite thing is his black and white hat – he loves to strike a pose in it. Dipsy loves big hugs!


Po is red, cute and little! Her signature moves are a karate-style hand pose and a star jump.Her favorite thing is going super fast on the scooter!

When Po stands, she has her arms behind her back and sticks her tummy out. She is wide-eyed about all that is around her. Best of all, she loves big hugs!


Laa-Laa is yellow, a performer and she loves to sing and dance!

She is a bundle of good, fun energy.Her signature move is a light-footed twirl. Laa-Laa’s favorite thing is her orange ball – she loves bouncing, patting and boinging it. Laa-Laa loves big hugs!

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