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Parasol Launch Rave

I had the opportunity to experience life as a Parasol Parent this weekend. Parasol turned an

ordinary June Saturday into a special moment worth remembering for the world's most vivacious, colorful and fashion forward families.

Parasol is launching their softest designer disposable underwear for babies on the market and the bonus, it feels cloth-like along with their natural smelling wipes. Parasol launch was held at The Springs in Downtown LA and it was spectacular! We danced our hearts out with our kiddos, the Live DJ and full-on baby rave dance floor with inflatable pink flamingos were a hit. We soaked up the sun on the patio and played with the puppies that Helpr had brought and we partied our way into a beautiful Saturday morning.

We Indulged In Special Surprises, Delicious foods from The Dirty Cookie who had the most amazing cookie milk shots, sandwiches, desserts, Bai Beverages, Once Upon A Farm, and so much more. They had a creative corner by Kiwi Crate, if the kiddos weren't dancing they could color, paint and create masterpieces. If that wasn't enough there was a manicure station by Olive & June in case any mom and their mini me wanted their nails matching, presto it was at your disposal. It was only appropo that Parasol set up several changing stations for the babies, the setup was so colorful, inviting and comfortable. They had their diapers and wipes accessible for all parents to use on our little ones if needed. There were 6 ingenious backdrops that represented each pattern type with positive reinforcement statements that were photo opp ready. All moms can concur, we take a picture and say, "we'll print it out later", well later was literally 30 seconds later at the Parasol Rave! As you're taking pictures and posting throughout social media, if you hash tagged #parasolco your pictures would print out at a station that was set up. No picture limit, we took pictures at our heart's content and actually have a hard copy to boot.

No party is complete without overflowing swag bag that Parasol gifted us! From light up sunglasses and or sneakers from Electric Styles, t-shirts, Bark Thins cookies, Tweat snack containers, DeepyDeepy pacifier bracelet, Mumi bag, Fresh Wave room spray, Belly Bandit discount card and completed with our Parasol reuseable totes were filled with Diapers and wipes.

I'm going to come clean, I use to use another brand that I won't mention and after receiving Parasol Co. disposable underwear for babies, I fell in love. The texture and absorbency is wonderful and now I understand why Parasol Diapers is refereed to as the Underwear For Babies, it feels like soft cloth but it’s disposable. Parasol diapers have a breathable backsheet to keep skin drier, its gentle perfect fit, latex free and hygiene-grade elastic keeps for a comfortable fit and superior absorbency without the bulk makes this diaper perfect for day or night. Whenever I hear a diaper company is Eco-Conscious I envision the diaper being abrasive and bulky, not Parasol Diapers, they're soft to the touch and lightweight. Parasol has spent years developing an ultra-soft top sheet layer to be comfortable against your babies skin. Parasol has designed diapers that uses less wood pulp, they're using far less material from sustainably managed forests, less packaging material, reduced shipping waste and smaller footprint for your baby’s diapers. Parasol diapers are hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free and latex-free

The subscription is simple, find your style, then place your order, you can switch between their two subscription options, one provides diapers and wipes and the second only diapers, you customize it to your needs. You set the date for your monthly delivery which you're able to change anytime and if you refer Parasol to your friends and family you'll get $20 applied to your account for each person that subscribes.

I'm going to let you in on a project I'm working on. I love Parasol disposable underwear for babies so much that I've reached out to set up a discount for you! I'll keep you posted, I'm so excited for all of you to try Parasol diapers, you'll never go back. Thank you Parasol for everything!

*Disclaimer; Everything you've read about Parasol is my opinion, it's a good fit for my family. Please research Parasol for yourself to see if this is the right product for your family.

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