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Connect & Collaborate Event by Flourishe

Meet the woman behind Collaborate and Connect Mixer, Cortney Ren'ae. If you don't know who she is, you're missing out! Not only does she run her own business, savvy, amazing mom and a phenomenal party planner! Cortney executed a flawless business mixer at the hottest hotel in Los Angeles, The Viceroy Hotel and brought together men and woman with strength and determination. The woman in attendance have moved mountains, have faith and believe in supporting one another. It was a night of collaboration, promotion and learning from one another.

Cortney is the Executive Director and Producer of Flourishe. Flourishe is a Promotional Media Company that offers solutions to businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs to Spotlight your Brand, Grow your Visibility & Connect to your Audience.

The two departments in there company, Flourishe Business & Flourishe Media Group, gives their clients the education/training & tools to stand out in the marketplace & capture their audience's attention. Flourishe mission is to help our communities Flourishe. They do this by Spotlighting people, projects & businesses that are doing positive work in our communities.

Hair Confidence by Inc. was founded by Cherie also known as Bliss to promote healthy hair, healthy products for hair, and glamorous looks for every hair type. Hair Confidence creates new hair trends and services various communities,artists, and corporate America with hair styling,and make -up artistry while educating how to obtain healthy hair with chemicals or without.

Shais’ World started in October of 2014, Shai opened her first online boutique with excitement and pure joy. Shai enjoys making lots of things and enjoy sharing her crafts with you! Currently, they have 5 nail polish colors in there line. There polishes contains no:

* camphor

* toluene

* formaldehyde

* dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

* formaldehyde resins

By the way, did we mention Shai is 11 years old!

Scentsational Soaps mission is to see nature as a means for beauty while promoting self -awareness thru the use of natural products. They aim to provide handcrafted products that creates sustainable communities while enabling people to connect with the environment and themselves. With Scentsational Soaps, you’ll find delectable products using only the finest ingredients found from around the world. Let your mind wander and your senses open as you prepare to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a handmade experience.

No Preservatives, No petroleum, and No animal testing!

Junior Chef University is a pop up school that offers individual, group and event classes for children of all ages to help them channel their inner chefs. Check them out, great for birthday parties or one on one class at home.

Boisset Collection For decades, the Boisset family has been committed to achieving organic and Biodynamic® designations at all of its family vineyards. Jean-Charles and the rest of the Boisset team have worked tirelessly to integrate these standards into each vineyard’s farming practices and winemaking processes. Boisset is committed to raising the bar and setting the highest standards for responsible and sustainable winemaking. We call this revolution in sustainability, Vinocology.

Mamma be Brilliant, What if the way you operated your business could transform your life and in turn, your children? I’m Ms. Queenie, the Founder of The School for Brilliant Thinkers, and she's here to help you make that happen. Ms. Queenie takes an integrated approach by showing entrepreneurial and passionate Moms like you how you can radically soar and create the future you always wanted by living your soul’s deepest calling!

LW Special Events Management, LLC specializes in inventive development for the commercial customer and social industrialist. They provide retreat training services in workshop and seminar format, as well as product and service launch event planning. They offer these training services in two categories including Teaming Skill Training and Leadership Development. The launch services are meant for:

  • Product

  • Service

  • Networking Mixers

  • Business Galas

  • Event Planner Toolkit (Available for separate purchase

Events in the City is your premier choice for all events and marketing needs! Get your tickets to any of there events at the website below.

Brand Tuition is a boutique branded merchandise agency dedicated to effectively tie in promotional premiums into your message, bringing the brand to life.

Majarian Publishing Mission Statement:

The mission of Majarian Publishing offers authors full-service online publishing in eBooks form, with high-quality professional presentation, and the option to increase visibility and sales through high-end promotional opportunities. To best equip each author to maximize their book sales planning, our services extend to professional photo shoots, education on promotional planning, and placement of published works through internet worldwide sales.

The night was filled with celebrities, entrepreneurs and innovators, woman with vision, true trail blazers! In attendance, Reporter Robin Ayers, Attorney & America's Blended Family Expert Merissa Grayson, Constance Moonzwe of ITH Staffing, Queenie Johnson of Mama Be Brilliant, Rebecca Ward-Steward of VIP Nannies and Special Performance by Tah Mac.

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