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Calling all Los Angeles based Mammas! Wedding season is vastly approaching and if you're anything like me, I run to my nearest cosmetic counter have my makeup done and purchase everything in sight. Then what happens after I get home, the $150.00 dollars worth of makeup I just purchased will be barely be used and it will sit there, collecting dust.

It's truly a waste, every season cosmetic lines bring out new colors, products and limited editions items. Instead of purchasing these products for the special event, date night, bachelor party, et cetera, check out Blushington on Sunset. These ladies have makeup artistry down to a T! Blushington is an all service make-up salon, they offer everything from skincare, make-up application, lash extensions and so much more.

Blushington business credo, "Our professional makeup artists and estheticians are at your disposal anywhere, anytime to deliver beautiful makeup applications, eyelash extensions, brow services and more! From On the Move and Eyes Only to Full Face Applications for everyday or special occasions, we've got you covered."

They're not kidding, when you walk in the tone is set, luxury, comfort and style. There tagline, "Find your pretty everyday." These ladies work magic, from the moment you have a seat you're being pampered. The private setting of each station is unique, even though you're in an open space, you only feel like it's you and your artist. The conversation is free flowing not forced like the department stores and most importantly underlying tension or pressure isn't there to make a purchases. You've already paid for your makeup artist time up front, you're not being ambushed into making additional purchases that aren't necessary.

I love Blushingtons concept for many reasons, first you don't have to buy unwanted items, second they offer a wide range of services, it's a one stop shop, third, I can go back anytime and try new and different colors when new palates are released. If you need pampering this is the place to go!

Blushington offers memberships and they offer makeup classes if you'd like to learn makeup application. If you're in search of a Mother's Day present, I suggest a membership or the very least a Blushington gift card. This present will be used and appreciated.

Heidi Nazarudin, thank you for introducing me to Blushington!!

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