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Spring Family Fest 2016

#BESTDAYEVER is an understatement! ClubMomMe held their annual Family Festival at The Fig House in Los Angeles. The day was filled with live entertainment, kids activities, the infamous Pediatrician Dr. Sears spoke the first half of the morning and Joy Cho from "Oh Joy" the second half. As an added bonus of excitement to our day, scavenger hunts were in place and vendors for all our mommy needs were present. Josh the balloon guy was bringing animals to life by entertaining our kiddos and a photo booth for moms to play dress up and take silly pictures with and so much more.

The Fig House was the perfect setting for our rainy day, with outdoor tenting we were able to walk between buildings and easily access all the great kids play areas, Tot Squad and the VIP room. Our morning kicked off by a performance from The Beat Buds who rocked the house. The children were up front, engaged with our performers and singing up a storm. There wasn't one kiddo sitting down, everyone was shaking and grooving to The Beat Buds beats.

Once our dancing shoes had worn down, moms could get a mini manicure at Nail Garden stations or get a bite to eat with all the yummy sandwiches or experience Big Mamas Pizza. There was a bar setup with the most amazing healthy drinks or if a sugar rush was needed you could have these delectable donuts created by Fantastic Donuts. Nothing was spared, if your little one was extra squirmy Mobile Play Patch LA had set up a mobile ball pit. I wish there was an adult size one, I would have dove in with the kids. After the ball pit you could make your way to the Green Toys play station, kids can play with fire engines, trucks, cars, tool kits, chewable key rings and more.

Having Cinderella from Princess and Me Parties, TinkerGarten designing flower crowns, Mischievous Goddess granting wishes, we were transported beyond our realm of reality and into a magical time of make believe and fairy tales. Combining nature and imaginative play allows our childrens spirit to be free and to believe for just one moment that anything magical is possible.

By far my one of my favorite vendors that stole my heart was Bambo Nature, as always there line of diapers and wipes that are eco-friendly, skin friendly and environmentally friendly makes them exceptional. However after today, what will bring them to the forefront will be there new skin care line! I was able to try out their new products and have to say it was amazing. Can't say much more about it until the official launch however keep your eyes peeled for Bambo Natures new products.

Have you heard of Basq Skin Care? Search them out if you haven't, there products will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and smelling delicious. If you're pregnant I highly suggest getting there Cooling Body Bliss, it helps for swollen legs, feet and achy back. They also have a Stretch Mark Butter cream that was just luscious to the touch along with their scrub that smells incredible. Truly it's a line that every mom and mom to be should have to keep their skin smooth, radiant and stretch mark free.

Orbit Baby is near and dear to my heart, what car seat swivels, ORBIT BABY! This brand is out of this world, I miss the days of being able to turn my sons car seat around when I needed to get to him or place him in the car when he was rear facing. Once the chair is forward facing its stationary but it's still remarkable, roomy, comfortable and luxurious. Their stroller system is easy to close and prop up, takes less then a second. Fabric colors are rich, colorful and hold up splendidly in the wash.

Ergo Baby Carriers are better than sliced bread. Ergo Carriers allow moms to be hands free, kids are close to mom and safe, most importantly Ergo Carrier is ergonomic and healthy for baby's hips. Ergo Carrier launched there new carrier at ClubMomMe Spring Fest today, ADAPT. ADAPT is an easy to use 3 position carrier, may be worn back, front or side to side. ADAPT adapts to your growing baby from newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs), no infant insert is needed. Leave it to Ergo to bring out this ingenious product, I foresee this being crowned as the most innovative carrier.

The day wasn't filled with all fun, games, music, laughter, food, pampering moms, well YES it was, but it was a day to donate, to help others. Baby2Baby was present to collect toys for our local children and give back to our community. It's always lovely to see Baby2Baby raising awareness, bringing the community closer, reaching out and making a difference. Thank you for all that you do.

Spring Fest was a day filled with love, support, good food, amazing company and most of all moms uniting, meeting and forming friendships. I've just given you a brief description of what was presented at Spring Fest 2016, I highly recommend if you get the chance to attend a ClubMomMe Festival, do so you won't regret it. Thank you to the vendors behind the scenes, hats off to the ClubMomMe valet runners that were handing us our gift bags in the rain, thank you Rachel Pitzel for putting on a festival that's beyond words, your hard work and efforts have not gone unseen and your team is phenomenal.

Ciao~ till Fall Festival!

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