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All Star Chef Classic, Little Chefs

Official DESCRIPTION: Restaurant Stadium™ by Fisher & Paykel turns from kitchen to classroom as 200 kids learn to cook alongside stars and chefs. With a guided, hands-on cooking lesson from Sherry Yard, Little Masters presented by Le Creuset will help foster the next generation of All-Star Chefs. This will be without a doubt one of the largest hands-on cooking classes in the nation. Each kid will be able to take home new skills to encourage cooking, their very own Le Creuset kids’ cooking kit and fun stories and memories to last a lifetime!

This brief synopsis doesn't begin to describe how much fun will be had by everyone involved, the jubilation was a once in a lifetime experience.

Entering Little Master Chef class I had no idea what to expect. My son and I were just excited being at LA Live at the Resturant Stadium that Fisher & Paykel had turned the roof top into a tented mega major cooking class. As you walk the red carpet there's a table set up where you pick up your apron given to you by the most adorable little chef helpers.

Walking into the make shift colossal kitchen specifically designed for Little Masters Chef class was amazing. Imagine if you will a pentagon shape, with 3 rows, each row holding 13 stations, over 200 children, the energy level was beyond anything I could ever describe. The best way to sum it up, is if you take your child's excitement Christmas morning and then magnify that 200x's and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Chef Sherry with her bright pink jacket, sparkly shoes, electrifying personality had every child's attention. It was amazing to see all these kids listening, learning, taking direction with ease and eagerness. Chef Sherry and Sara Michelle Geller were truly the dynamic duo. Between segments music would be blaring through out the stadium, there wasn't one person who wasn't dancing. Then, you guessed it, Disneyś "let it go" came on and what felt like the entire stadium however it was my entire section broke out into a choir. The spark of energy that was ignited was pure and contagious, you physically couldn't be in the moment and not be happy. Joy, camaraderie, willingness to create was just euphoric, to be there and witness the sheer beauty of the moment was bigger then anything imaginable.

Each section had the proper necessities that our Little Chefs needed to prep, create and finish. Jumbo screens located in the center, underneath the Master Chefs kitchen where our hosts Sara Michelle Geller and Chef Sherry guided and instructed what each step needed to be.

Not only did we have two famous experienced chefs and master creators hosting but in every row there was a designated chef to come around and help if the children needed assistance. It was such a delight to witness my son interacting with our chef, who was kind, helpful and eager to teach and my son listening, and learning, it was a moment of sheer joy and pride for me.

This class was beyond enjoyable and educational, with music that gets you dancing and singing, eating FoodStirs gourmet cookies, creating our own personal pizza and being exposed to culinary experts. It taught us so much and most importantly why it's necessary each child should take a cooking class or cook at home.

Reading this statement most likely made you shake in your boots, the thought of broken eggs, flour, oil, et cetera spilled on the kitchen floor is probably a vision that makes you cringe. It's ok, so did I, but that mess creates memories and most importantly cleaning up afterwards teaches responsibility. How you find the kitchen is the way you leave it, clean, put things in there correct places and importantly they will take pride in their accomplishment.

The benefits of learning how to cook out weighs all the mess that will be done. By watching and participating they will learn to express their feelings, enhance their sense of smell, taste and hands on experience.

By mixing ingredients and seeing results we've just taught them science. Recipes have halves, quarter and more, great segway to math. From counting, budgeting, problem solving and weighing. Broaden their horizon by cooking ethnic dishes, great way to learn about different cultures and there ingredients, to name just a few things. Cooking also develops hand and eye coordination, heightens sensory and perfects fine motor skills.

Baking not only sparks imagination, it brings confidence seeing their finished product, that they've created. Instills a sense of responsibility for following instructions, rules regarding safety in the kitchen, cleanliness and most importantly manners.

All this came to light watching my son, I never thought cooking would be beneficial but after today, in all its greatness and glory I will absolutely be incorporating cooking in our daily routine. I'm not a famous master chef but knowing it will be fun and beneficial is more then enough.

I'd like to say Thank You to All Star Chef Classics for putting on such a remarkable event and collaborating with William Sonoma for our Little Chefs apron and Chefs hat that set the mood for all the kids. Our stations were equipped with Le Creuset's new Signature skillet, Target hand wipes, Roul’Pat® non-stick countertop workstation mat, Smart Water, Food Stirs, King Arthur flour and much more.

This is an event that I suggest you participate with your child at least once. I plan to do it yearly if possible, this isn't something that should be passed up. If for a brief moment you can experience the glee of Little Masters, you'll forever be changed for the better.

A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe ~ Thomas Keller

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