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Bonjour Au Fudge

Au Fudge is the creme de la creme of kid freindly restaurants, get ready to enjoy every minute there. Jessica Biels new restaurant is 100% geared for mommies and it's amazing! Not only did she tap into an untouched market that will have you asking why wasn't this thought of earlier but the piece de resistance is its authentic French flare which is extraordinaire! When you enter the resturant you're greeted by the hostess that situated in the Market Place. I was immediately taken back to The Avenue Des Champs-Élysées, where I'd walk into a quaint French patisserie, order my latte and a croissant. Not only were the prettiest pastries on display, they have a mini shop for children to pick out toys and trinkets. Moms if you left your diaper bag in the car or at home, don't fret! Honest diaper packages are for sale as well Honest products. They've got us covered, from keeping our little ones busy with a new toy, to keeping them dry and all the while we get to keep our sanity. To the left of the Marketplace there's a beautiful patio with seating available, I recommend sitting outside and bask in our sunny side California weather. Once you've passed the patio past the Marketplace you'll find yourself in the main dining room with an amazing and inviting bar. It's the type of bar you'd find in a French cabaret, somewhere you could sit with a friend, order rosè champagne and feel like you're in Paris versus LA. If you choose to have a seat in the dining room, cradle a robust glass of Bordeaux accompanied with spaghetti Pomodoro, carry on a conversation with your friend, know that the apple of your eye is having a better time then you! The kids are playing, coloring or climbing up the tree house in the Creative Space and are being looked after by experienced Au Pairs. Walking into the Creative Space which is situated across the main dining room, is inviting and most of all your children's imagination will explode with creativity. The long tables with baskets filled with colored pencils, markers and crayons to engage our little ones imagination, the books, toys and the spiral staircase that takes you to the top of the tree house is enchanting. For $15.00 an hour, knowing my child is safe, one step away from me, having fun, who can come out eat and then go back and play is wonderful, that piece of mind is priceless. A restaurant is only as good as their staff and food. The food is delicious, anything you order, you won't go wrong. Most importantly the staff is extremely gracious and on top of their game. If you get a chance to dine at Au Fudge pop in and say hi to Jon the general manager. His disposition and love of what he does is genuine, welcoming and is a extremely gracious. My hats off to Jessica Biel and her team for having the foresight in opening such a great concept restaurant and choosing the right staff to keep it together. Until we meet again Au Fudge ~ au revoir Au Fudge

9010 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood


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