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Great Wines Of Italy

After attending Great Wines of Italy hosted by James Suckling I'm nostalgic for my days in Tuscany, their wines, prosciutto and the people of Italy, along with their warm embrace and love of life accompanied by great wine. If you haven't been to Italy to experience the Italian Culture with all its glory the next best thing would be attending an event held by James Suckling.

It's a night that will carry you to the most magical place in the world, Italy. The Suckling team set up an atmosphere that transported you to a remote village that's sitting high in the valleys, with a fortress wrapped around its town and the castle being center point. In this case Petterson Museum was the fortress keeping out the world and inside the castle was a show case of the most beautiful exotic and classic cars, food that would delight any connoisseur and the wine, stellar! Great Wines of Italy brought on an authentic experience of appreciating the different types of Italian wines. To enhance the tasting experience, some of the best Italian restaurants were in attendance, each dish was carefully selected to accentuate and connect with the wine.

Over a 100 top producers from Italy poured their best wine to makes this evening delectable.

James Sucklings and his team literally gave life to the Petterson Museum with an outstanding DJ that kept the vibe energetic just like James Sucklings passion and representation of Italian wine.

This phenomenal tasting gave any wine aficionado an opportunity to discover Italy's coveted wines from the most distinguished marque. Italy is home to some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world, the reason why Italian wines are sought after is that 89% of Italian winemakers produce less than 50,000 bottles of wine in a year. So when a bottle is produced, the love, time and effort gone into this painstaking task will not go unappreciated.

What made this event even more magical, if you feel in love with a wine you didn't have to write the name down, or take a picture of the label to hunt it down, you could purchase it right then and there. This is ingenious, there have been numerous times I've taken a picture of a label and Mr. Google was of no help. Not only could you purchase the wine, information on all the wines were in one spiral notebook. All the wineries were listed individually with a page dedicated just for them representing there brand, history, location, what notes their wine incorporates and much more. Along with this priceless notebook, accompanied a price list from K&L Wine Merchant that's teamed up with James Suckling reflecting current prices.

If your lucky enough to get a ticket to James Suckling event I highly suggest you go. Even if you go alone, GO! You won't regret it, from the wines, food, atmosphere and the people, you'll enjoy every single minute of it. So much so that it will either make you jump on a plane to Italy or follow James Suckling around the country and the world to his events. Actually following him around the world for his events sounds delightful!

Saluti, xo

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