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Coffee Con, Coffee lovers dream come true!

Coffee Con LA was exactly what I was expecting it to be. A Coffee lovers dream come true, coffee wall to wall and around every corner coffees from around the world. If you've never experienced Coffee Con La and are truly a coffee lover you'd appreciate all the hard work they've done to create this coffee utopia. My recommendation is to get there 15 minutes before the doors open to check in, when I was leaving the line for checking in was wrapped around the building. Get there early and most importantly check out all 39 vendors before they get swamped. Yes, 39! 39 different coffee exhibitors, to get you drooling. The one on one time is priceless, there's so much information to learn from each vendor. From brewing, where the beans originate, machines, coffee press and desserts to enhance the coffee drinking experience. We drink coffee to give us a burst of energy, however after Saturday, I'm going to take my time enjoying my coffee. Coffee is comparable to a good bottle of wine, sit and relax when drinking your coffee. Appreciate its aroma, robust flavor and the scent is intoxicating. Make drinking coffee an enjoyable experience, like the French. Have you noticed when coffee is being served they find a seat in the corner, get cozy, telephone away, magazine readily available and then they begin to drink their coffee. Take the moment to unwind, breath and appreciate the masterpiece in front of you that was created by a bean! Coffee Con offered a variety of classes, 24 sessions and my favorite 2 were, French Press Lab and Latte Art. Both classes taught me to appreciate making the right cup of coffee, using the proper machines or French Press to get what's desired. Latte's are truly a work of art, from the steaming of the milk, froth and blending in the coffee, it's a masterpiece if it's done correctly. There was a wealth of knowledge and experience at the expo, I applaud the Creator and Host of Coffee Con, Kevin Sinnott for putting together such a detailed exhibit that solely revolved around coffee. By the way if you haven't tried California grown coffee my suggestion is to try it, it was strong, alive and phenomenal. Check them out at Good Land Organics, While you're there pick up a coffee bean tree, they are beautiful. The people at Good Land Organics will teach you how to care for your tree and when to pick your beans, it's amazing. They also have tours and tastings available. Till next time Coffee Con, cheers. *Photo credit,@necozalenky_life & @manmakecoffee.


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