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Gift Giving?

With Christmas just shy of 12 days, it dawned on me, should you buy a present for your ex's spouse or significant other? I know your immediate reaction is no, but wait, let's talk it through. This person who's a direct influence on your child, has shown respect, opened the lines of communication with you deserves acknowledgment. Yes, you heard me, you should by a gift for them. I'm not saying blow your budget, what I am saying is purchase a thoughtful trinket to show your appreciation. It takes a village to raise a child but a community to support the parent. The colony surrounding you has been built by the people you have strategically placed and that includes whomever your ex is with. Love isn't required, that would be ridiculous and unrealistic. Show thankfulness and be grateful that you've got another healthy adult willing to co-parent. The key to any relationship is deference, communication and respect. Most of all remember this is a time of giving and not receiving. So if the gesture isn't reciprocated don't be offended, the goal was to show your appreciation. You're asking yourself what does this have to do with Co-Parenting. This is just one caveat of the relationship with your ex. Showing that you can be friendly with the new partner, putting aside ill feelings is not only better for you but your child will see that everything is ok or at the very least it will be. This is just one component, Co-Parenting is tricky just remember when you react to a situation ask yourself, "is this right for the betterment of my child?". Place your ego aside and think of only your children, this goes for both parents. You still have time, when you're out running last minute errands pick something up. Don't be uncomfortable, it might feel awkward to hand a present to your ex's new mate but it will feel great afterwards knowing you brought a little bit of Christmas joy to make the holiday season a little bit brighter. Happy Holidays, Kat

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