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Mommy Wars?

I recently ran across a predicament that was perplexing, I know as moms we are tired, running around getting the house in order, setting up playdates, paying bills, working and preparing for the holidays is overwhelming. So the last thing on our mind might be getting our children's teacher or staff a basket of sweets. So what happens when you get to school and you see another mom with a basket of treats? Does jealousy kick in, do you display a passive aggressive behavior toward the other mom, do you make a scene?

How did you answer this question?

I was confronted with passive aggressive behavior and alienation later on. Brushed off what was occurring but it's been stewing and I want to ask, why as moms do we judge? Can’t we look at this thoughtful gesture as just that, a thank you to the staff for all that you do and it doesn’t matter who it’s from.

Instead of looking on with a judgemental attitude, I would say hi to the mom and automatically my thought process would be, “I love what you did, next time if you don’t mind let me know because I’d love to partner up with you”. Explain that you have a time crunch, however, you love the gesture and will split the cost, whatever you two see reasonable. Let us work together with our fellow moms, we might learn from one another, form a friendship, have our kids play and grow together and our children will learn that collaboration will bring many positive attributions.

As moms we are all in the same boat, we try to raise our children the best way we can, leading by example and along the way make a positive difference. Our children observe what we are doing, so if you behave as a bully don’t be surprised that your child will be a bully.

As moms we are warriors, every day, in every way, that’s why it’s important to stick together.

Let us unite with our fellow moms, listen with intent, connect with unconditional regard and help one another without expectations.

Choose to see the good in people and eventually, there will be only good people to see.

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